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Beech logs are the basic raw material for our rotary cut veneers, from which we produce moulded parts. Die Buche bietet hierfür die perfekten technischen Holzeigenschaften: Hohe Festigkeit und starke Verformbarkeit.

For your individual products made of moulded wood, we offer surfaces covered with of sliced veneer. There are no limits to the type of wood, the veneer patterns and the surface treatment. The component thickness and the lay-up are optimized for your application.

The use of decorative laminates gives you attractive looks combined with scratch-resistant surfaces and long durability.

In our moulded wood catalog, you can choose from a wide variety of moulded wood parts. Below you will find an overview of our press tools.
Please note that we are not allowed to press parts from tools with the identification “customer tool” without permission. Please feel free to contact our sales staff if you are interested in such a mould. We will be very happy to check with owner of the mould if usage against a licence fee is possible.


In the production of our plywood mouldings, we use the latest generation of formaldehyde-reduced glue systems. These are subject to strict test criteria. Measurements carried out by an accredited laboratory in accordance with DIN EN 16516 confirm that our moulded parts are well below the limits set by the Chemicals Prohibition Ordinance, which has been in force since the beginning of 2020. On request, you can obtain the valid certificate from your OWI sales consultant. (Link to contact)

After machining your product, we offer all conceivable operations. Grinding and assembly activities up to the ready-to-install component are provided by us individually.


If you have not found the right tool for your wooden part in our catalog, our in-house toolmaking department will be happy to produce a tool according to your requirements. Depending on the required properties and batch sizes, we produce high-frequency, electric or indirectly heated moulds.


The beech logs are sourced exclusively from sustainable managed, regional forests. Most os those forests are FSC or PEFC certified. On request, we can manufacture your products from FSC or PEFC certified woods.